Board Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2014
In attendance: Erin Chan Ding, Susanna Song, Lorene Yue, Wailin Wong
1. Report from the previous week’s Lunar New Year mixer at Vora: Turnout was better than expected at 22 people. Two attendees became members. Admission fees from non-members totaled $60. Erin gave Wailin the $60 in cash to deposit. The chapter spent $672.06 for the event and Lorene submitted a reimbursement request for the amount.
2. Media Access Workshop: We outlined a rough schedule for the event, which is planned for April 26 at WBEZ. We set deadlines for various tasks: Confirm panelists by Feb. 19; send a Save the Date and Tiny Letter and post to Facebook on Feb. 26; finalize program by March 5 and finalize the spreadsheet of invitees by March 7. Lorene and Niala are attending the Michigan chapter’s Media Access Workshop in Detroit on March 1 and will provide a report afterwards. We assigned tasks to individual members and Wailin will populate the project on PBWorks with to-dos.
3. Project management software: Wailin created a free account on PBWorks to organize the Media Access Workshop. PBWorks is what National uses and is free for our size project. If, after using PBWorks for the Media Access Workshop, we decide we don’t like the software, we will consider paying for a Basecamp account.
4. Membership renewal: We will ask Sally for the current roster and email those members who have not yet renewed for 2014. We will also ask Sally to send out an email via Tiny Letter, asking members to renew and providing them with a calendar of events for the upcoming year.
5. Michael Kim welcome event: We discussed hosting a brunch or other event to welcome former ESPN SportsCenter anchor Michael Kim, who has recently relocated to Chicago. Susanna will reach out to Michael and local Korean group(s) to see if they’re interested in getting involved too.
6. Student event: We will reach out to Kathleen at Northwestern about holding an event for student members sometime this year.
7. Asian American Film Festival: The Foundation of Asian American Independent Media asked Lorene if we’d be interested in working together on an event on 3/27, 3/28 or 3/29 to screen trailers for the Asian American Film Festival on 4/5. The group is scouting a downtown venue and looking to spend $500. Lorene will tell them we are a tentative Yes on participating and will commit up to $250.
8. Treasurer Transition: Erin needs one more receipt (food provided by Dak for the Trivia Bowl) to complete the 2013 annual report; Susanna will ask Dak if the restaurant can reissue the receipt. The chapter laptop appears to be functioning again and is now in Wailin’s possession. She will make sure it’s working and purchase Quickbooks for it, per National’s guidelines. Erin provided Wailin with the online login information for the Chase account and Wailin will change the login/password. Erin also passed along the paper files and checkbook. Wailin and Erin still need to visit a Chase branch in person to add Wailin as a signatory and remove former president Ameet Sachdev’s name.
9. Expenses: We approved the following reimbursements: $25 to Erin for postage stamps; $12.29 for markers and name tags (OfficeMax) and $31.48 for food/drink at the board meeting (Corner Bakery).

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